Offer Agreement

1. General provisions
1.1.This public offer agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Offer") regulates the relationship between the Buyer and the Seller when selling Goods through the online store and rendering, in connection with the sale of Goods, related services, and is the official public offer of IP Sysalova Maria Alekseevna, hereinafter referred to as the "Seller", addressed to individuals and legal entities, hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer", collectively referred to as the "Parties".
1.2. Each Party guarantees to the other Party that it has the necessary legal and legal capacity, as well as all the rights and powers necessary and sufficient for the conclusion and execution of this Offer.
1.3. Acceptance of the terms of this Offer is payment by the Buyer of the ordered Goods. The Buyer's acceptance of the Offer means the Buyer's full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Offer.
1.4. The provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Rules for the sale of goods by remote means, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 612 of 27.09.2007, the Law of the Russian Federation No. 2300-1 of 07.02.1992 "On Consumer Rights Protection" (if the Buyer is an individual and purchases goods for needs not related to the implementation of business activities) and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them.
1.5. The Seller reserves the right to make changes to these terms of the Offer without any prior notice, in connection with which the Buyer undertakes to regularly monitor changes to the Offer posted on the website of the Online store. The changes take effect from the moment they are published on the Website.
1.6. The current and up-to-date version of the Offer is posted on the Website.
2. Definitions:
2.1. "Buyer" - a legal or natural person who has the necessary amount of legal and legal capacity to make purchases, who intends to place, and /or has placed Orders for the Goods presented on the Website .
2.2. "Seller" – IP "Sysalova Maria Alekseevna" (OGRN 319745600201994, TIN 745108210455, legal address: 454091, Chelyabinsk, Tsvilling street, house 53, apartment 75 )
2.3. "Website" - .
2.4. "Online Store" is a Web site located on a server in the Russian Federation on the Internet at https:// , which presents the Goods offered by the Seller to his Customers for placing Orders. Also, the terms of payment and delivery of Goods / Orders are indicated on the Website.
2.5. Phone numbers of the online store: 8- 951-773-8299
2.6. "Order" - a duly executed request of the Buyer for the purchase and pickup or delivery to the specified address of the list of Goods selected on the Website, sent by the Buyer via the Internet and /or notified to the contact center of the Online store.
2.7. "Product" is an object of purchase and sale (digital goods) that has not been withdrawn from civil circulation and is presented for sale on the Website.
2.8. "Delivery" - is carried out automatically after payment of the goods, after the purchase the customer automatically receives the goods.
3. Registration in the online store
3.1. Registration on the Website when placing an Order is not a prerequisite.
3.2. The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Buyer during registration, as well as when placing an order on the Website or when contacting the contact center of the Online store. The Seller is not responsible for non-fulfillment / improper fulfillment of obligations if this was the result of incorrect information provided by the Buyer.
3.3. After registering on the Website, the Buyer receives an individual identification by specifying a login and password. Individual identification of the Buyer allows you to avoid unauthorized actions of third parties on behalf of the Buyer and opens access to additional services. The buyer undertakes not to disclose to third parties the login and password specified during registration. The buyer is solely responsible for all possible negative consequences in case of transfer of the login and password to third parties.
4. Making An Order
4.1. The Buyer's order can be placed by contacting the Online Store's contact center or independently on the online store's Website.
4.2. When placing an Order by contacting the contact center of the Online store, the Buyer provides the Seller's employee with the information necessary for placing an Order, including the surname, first name, patronymic, email address, telephone number for contacting the Buyer and the delivery address of the Goods, and in case of pickup of the Order, the Buyer additionally provides the series and number of the Registration Certificate vehicle, as well as the brand and state number of the vehicle on which the Buyer will pick up the goods from the Seller's warehouse.
4.3. When placing an Order on the Website of the Online Store, the Buyer fills out an electronic Order form for the Goods and sends the generated Order to the Seller via the Internet.
4.4. After receiving the Order, the Seller coordinates the Order data with the Buyer by phone, including the composition of the Order, the date and address of delivery of the Order, as well as a list of additional services. The delivery date depends on the availability of the Goods, the quantity of the Goods, the delivery region, the receipt by the Seller of payment in the amount of 100% for the Goods, delivery and additional services selected by the Buyer. In the case of pickup of the Order, the Seller also informs the Buyer by phone of the requirements for the vehicle on which the Buyer/The consignee must come for the Order, depending on the composition and total weight of the Order, in order to comply with the permissible mass of the vehicle and (or) the permissible load on the axle of the vehicle when loading the Order into the vehicle.
4.5. The Order is considered accepted by the Seller from the moment of sending the Buyer an e-mail notification of acceptance of the Order or from the moment of confirmation by the Seller by phone of acceptance of the Order from the Buyer.
4.6. The photos accompanying the Product are simple illustrations to it and may differ from the actual appearance of the Product. The product may differ in design and decoration elements from those stated on the Website. In this case, the Product is not a Product of inadequate quality. The descriptions and characteristics accompanying the Product do not pretend to be exhaustive informative. If the Buyer has any questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the Goods, before placing an Order, the Buyer should contact the Contact Center of the Online store. In case of disputes about Orders, the data contained in them, the actions of the Parties, the Seller provides relevant information from the Site, which is the proper proof.
4.7. If, after accepting the Order, it is found that the required quantity of the ordered Goods is missing from the Seller's warehouse, the Seller informs the Buyer about it by phone or by sending a message to the email address within 1 business day. The Buyer has the right to agree to accept the Goods in the quantity available from the Seller, or to cancel this item of the Goods in the Order. In case of non-receipt of a response from the Buyer by phone and/or e-mail within 3 (three) calendar days from the date of notification of the Buyer of the absence of the Goods, the Seller has the right to cancel the Order in full.
4.8. The Buyer has the right to change the composition of the Order before its payment by contacting the contact center of the Online store.
4.9. In case of cancellation of the paid Order by the Buyer, who is an individual using the Goods for personal needs not related to the implementation of entrepreneurial activity, the refund is carried out within 10 days from the date of receipt by the Seller of the Buyer's written request for a refund. The refund of funds to the Buyer is made to the account from which the order was paid, and in the case of payment of the order through the bank without opening an account, the funds are returned to the account specified by the Buyer in the Refund Application.
5. Ways to transfer the Order:
When placing an order, the Buyer can choose the method of transferring the Order:
5.1 Automatic issuance
5.2 Via the contact center
6. Payment of the order
6.1. The price of the Goods is indicated next to the name of the Goods on the Website of the online store. All prices for Goods are indicated on the Website in rubles of the Russian Federation, include the cost of packaging (packaging) and value added tax at the rate according to Article 164 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.
6.2. The total cost of the Order consists of the total cost of all ordered goods, the cost of their delivery, and the cost of additional services.
6.3. The cost of the service for the delivery of the ordered Goods is calculated based on the volume and weight of the order, as well as the delivery address and additional services.
6.4. All settlements are made in Russian rubles in the following ways:
- transfer of funds to the Seller's settlement account in PJSC BANK "Tinkoff" MOSCOW;
- payment by bank card on the Website of the online store.
6.5. The Buyer makes a 100% prepayment of the Goods and services for its delivery within three days from the date of order confirmation. After the specified period, the reservation of the Goods is canceled, and the Seller cannot guarantee the availability of the Goods in the Seller's warehouse, as a result of which the Order processing time may increase. In the event that the Buyer does not pay for the Order within the above period, the Seller will cancel the Order in full. The original invoice for payment is not provided to the Buyer.
6.6. The date of payment execution by the Buyer is the date of receipt of funds to the Seller's settlement account.
6.7. The Seller guarantees the fulfillment of obligations on the time of shipment of the order (at pickup) and delivery of the order, if the correct order number was specified in the purpose of payment by the Buyer when paying for the order.