Working with AСС

The format of the issue of social:
ID - login - password - mail - mail password - EAAB token - .useragent
ID is a link to a Facebook profile so that you can make sure that the social worker is alive
Login is the phone number to which we can receive SMS
Mail has been assigned and confirmed to each account.
If desired, we can grant access via cookies, write to support
We accept SMS and make documents, we can respond on weekdays at 9:00 - 17:00 Moscow time
BMA issuance format:
ID - date of creation - limit - links to bm:
BMA ID - individual identification number of the bma;
Limit - the maximum amount of spin-off per day in dollars of $ 50 or $ 250;
Links are invitations to join the bm as an administrator.
If the BM received a Ban at the initial entry, this is a warranty case and we give a replacement. For more information, see the REPLACEMENT page.