For all replacements, contact support @FarmChel_support
Replacement by bms is made during the bath at the binding stage. After the bay, the bm cannot be replaced.
In the request for replacement, specify the order number and a screenshot. Bmw must be replaced within 24 hours after purchase.
The maximum number of substitutions is 2.
Autoregs are replaced only when the checkpoint is less than 30 days old. In cases of a checkpoint of 30 days, an error was made by the client when logging into the social profile.(proxy change, login from a suspicious device, etc.). With a checkpoint of less than 30 days, the autoreg died with us and this is a warranty case.
Replacement by social.accounts are made only when the social network is completely disabled.account.
In cases of verification and the need to accept SMS, send documents, etc., contact support @FarmChel_support